Only Ten

Christians are frustrated and frightened with the state of the world today and they don’t know what to do about it. As a result, believers find it easier to remain silent and inactive in their communities. The purpose of this book is to use life lessons from Abraham’s nephew, Lot, to inspire and teach believers how to put their faith into action in order to have have a positive influence on their city. 

Only Ten will help you:

◆ Discover there is hope and be energized to personally make a difference in your city

◆ Understand the things holding you back from engaging with your community

◆ Learn effective ways to put your faith into action, no matter where you are at work, live or play

The book will also:

◆ Identify the the fears that paralyze you from living a life of influence.

◆ Inspire you with real life examples to prove they really can make an impact

◆ Provide how to steps to make a measurable difference in the places you already work, live and play. 

◆ Build your confidence in your ability to engage their communities and have a positive influence, no matter their personality type.

◆ Outline how to influence your family, friends and community positively through intentional, transparent relationships.

Introducing Only Ten

Faith in Motion

Influencing Yourself

Influencing Friends and Family

Influencing Your Workplace

Influencing Your Community

Saving Your City

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